Sep. 17th, 2008

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- Mermaid is finished and on my website. That was fun. I particularly enjoyed the TINY TINY LINES in the hair. OMG DETAIL. *happy place* Chinese calligraphy brushes are awesome.

- I am doing the Art Market again for two days on the weekend after next (27th/28th). From the sound of it they have MANY VOLUNTEER SPACES every weekend, probably because no-one is willing to give them any money when no-one ever sells anything. Clearly I am a glutton for rejection, but I figure it's worth one more try before I give up. This time I will have greetings cards, more art, prints, and you never know, I might even do some promotional work beforehand.

- My DaWanda shop is online. I have re-written all the blurb for all the artworks as the text on Etsy was very po-faced, and chatty seems to be the way forward on a home-made craft site. Now I need to go back and edit all the Etsy listings, but I might wait until I've added a portfolio to one of the poncy fine art portfolio sites, where po-faced might be more appropriate, so I can copy it across before I replace it.

- PinkDoodle haven't sent me the confirmation email I need to verify my account, even though I've triple-checked the email address and re-requested it twice. I sent them a support email on Monday and they haven't answered that either. So that may be a lost cause.

- RedBubble is AMAZING. You upload unwatermarked, unbordered, high-resolution images, and they run a print shop for your stuff. You can sell fine art prints, canvas prints, posters, greetings cards, t-shirts. They charge a base rate for each item and you add whatever you want to markup on top of that. Or you can order stuff yourself at the base rate and sell it on yourself. This is utterly fantastic, but uploading high res images using my connection is a very slow process. Still, if any of you wanted Little Elephant cards, you can get them here. They aren't square, sadly. I will be uploading other colours and other images soon, but it's a massive job because I can basically upload everything I've ever sold to this (apart from commissions, obviously) and that's a LOT of art. I am optimistic, though.

- Really, I want to be printing my own greetings cards wholesale. I really don't know where to start with this though. Professional printers are very expensive, and I'm not sure I'm at the stage of buying 100 copies of each design even if I could afford it. Even at that quantity it's still about a quid per card. I don't mind folding them myself, though, and I don't mind blank insides, so maybe I should just look at ordering glossy A4 prints on card, with two cards laid out flat on each sheet, and trimming/folding them myself. Unless any of you know someone who runs a printing shop, or who has a professional quality colour photo printer? Would be happy to pay for using the latter, of course.

- This summer I have spent 95% of my time on marketing/online promotion/correspondence/framing and mounting/art fairs and 5% on actual painting. This is the WRONG WAY ROUND. And I know stuff like getting my website online and getting these online shops set up only needs to be done once and then they can tick away in the background while I do new art, but still.

Anyway, at least I'm focussed. And poor. But poor, focussed and happy. I'm doing what I love, I'm more or less keeping on top of things, I think there's a sliver of hope that I might be able to earn some money off this yet. Although it does occur to me that finally getting into the swing of producing/promoting art in a concerted, professional way now is fairly ironic. I mean, it makes perfect sense in terms of my personal and professional development over the last two years, but there's a recession on. Now is perhaps not the time to be setting up a small business selling luxury items.

- So, er, yes. If any of you want any prints or cards, keep an eye on RedBubble. I'll be adding the archives to it over the next few days.

- Three sites down, including the one that I can't seem to sign up to. Seven to go! At this rate, I might be done by Christmas...

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So I have a new Earth·Sky·Art blog (an Earth·Sky·Blog?), which is currently standing empty. What I am inclined to do is start posting all my art posts over to that, and stop posting them here (or only post friends-only versions with Sekrit Information, and stop posting public art posts here). In the run up to starting to use that blog, I have been posting more and more public art posts on this journal, so the percentage of content I'm talking about moving is currently fairly high.

The thing is that I want to stop using [ profile] libellum for marketing/promotion. It is my personal blog and I use it socially. I by no means expect any of my friendslist to buy any of my products, and I have no intention of asking them to (although I'm happy to respond to interest, of course.) This is not a selling journal and it's not an art journal, although art is one of the things I post to it.

The thing is that I usually get several comments on art posts, and I don't want to lose that readership because feedback/flattery is one of the things that motivates me. Yes, I am vain and shallow, but I'm disappointed when I post art and no-one says anything. So stopping posting art here, where I have several hundred readers, and starting posting it on a new blog that has no readers, doesn't really make much sense.

Should I duplicate all posts, so they're here as well as on E·S·A? This doesn't really make much sense either - I'd be better off having the "Blog" link on my website come to my LJ, and then only post art-related entries publically. But sometimes I want to make other public posts, and as I said before, I don't want this to be a commercial blog, and I do want a commercial art blog somewhere.

What I'm inclined to do is syndicate the E·S·A blog and encourage anyone interested in following my art to friend the RSS feed. Does that sound like something you'd be willing to do?

I would create a poll, but I have stuff to get on with, so your responses can be FREEFORM.

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