Aug. 10th, 2010

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Below is the text of the talk I gave on Saturday at the dotActivist conference, with added hyperlinks. It was a really good day, and great to meet people and listen to the other talks. I was particularly pleased to finally understand the concept of the Pareto Front, and I thought the visionOntv project looked really interesting, although I didn't find time to get interviewed (have been invited to come back and do so later).

Despite my nerves and the fact that I was the only speaker who didn't use slides, my talk seemed to go okay. I spoke from the below text rather than notes, but found it easier than I'd expected to speak conversationally rather than sticking woodenly to the script (although I did have to refer to it a couple of times when I got stuck). The only hiccup was a missing page, but thankfully my lovely lady [personal profile] khalinche brought it forth from where it had got mixed up with some other papers, and I was able to continue after only a minor comic interlude. People listened, made notes, and said nice things afterwards about my subject matter and speaking style. Apparently all those hours improvising on camera and sitting in lectures haven't been for nothing! So I'm pleased, and next time will indulge in less terror-induced procrastination and have a go at using slides.

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