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helenic ([personal profile] helenic) wrote2010-05-08 06:38 pm

"Proportional representation" is a bit of a mouthful to chant

I've just posted a report of the Take Back Parliament demo in London today, including live BBC video of Nick Clegg's spontaneous address to the crowd after we demanded he come out and receive our petition in person. Right now I'm feeling an enormous sense of hope and achievement. We made our shout heard. This is what democracy looks like!

Of course everything hangs on the negotiations, but on PR at least I hope we can trust the Lib Dems to stand firm. This is just the beginning - we'll be keeping up the pressure and pushing for electoral reform for as long as it takes.

Photos from the demonstration:

Crowds gathering in Trafalgar Square,just before 2pm

Billy Bragg addressing the rally.

Outside Transport House, where the Liberal Democrat executive were meeting.

Activists filling Smith Square!

Find my full report and BBC live coverage here.

Oh, and yesterday I posted a slightly more coherent response to the election results on Police State UK, if anyone's interested. It's called We didn't vote for this.