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I did facepainting at Planet Angel on Friday, which was very rewarding. I tried to be friendly and cheerful to everyone and lots of people were friendly and cheerful back (although several of these were so mashed they couldn't sit still. Trying to paint someone's face when they're they're gurning is a bit of a non-starter.) There was a massive queue - over 45 minutes long at one point - and Simon and I were working flat-out. I had people saying they'd been downstairs and someone had told them to come and get face-painting, and to specifically ask for the girl. Which was lovely, especially when I thought this was random word-of-mouth, although later I suspected that it had probably been [livejournal.com profile] flippit.

Had a lovely rest of the evening hanging out with Laura, [livejournal.com profile] romauld, [livejournal.com profile] cyrus_ii, Elle WINOLJ (?) and other friends, doing a bit of informal facepainting in the garden and upstairs in the games area. [livejournal.com profile] cyrus_ii borrowed my paints and did an amazing facepainting job on me and several others, and I have decided to recruit him as my glamourous assistant when I do facepainting Officially in November.

It's been so beautiful the last few days, and I've barely been outside to enjoy it. So I took my paints and tea outside into the courtyard and did a bit of painting.

I was very tired, so it was all on autopilot, and I had the usual panic I have when I put acrylics on a palette and then don't want to waste them, so have to use up all the colour before it dries. (This is silly.) I'm not happy with the flower fairy, but I like the leaf-butterflies and it all got much more fun once I started using my smaller brush and doing detail.

PS. Oh, I forgot to mention! I have been getting many positive comments and emails and things on my RedBubble. This is good, although it doesn't seem to be resulting in sales. But I did get one of my portraits of Denny featured in a Portraiture group! Which must be good, right?

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