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Hello internets,

The lovely [personal profile] denny will have a room available to rent in his Shoreditch flat from 1 March. It's a really nice flat, well-located, and he's a bit stuck if no-one takes it. Plus I would (for obvious reasons) end up seeing whoever takes the room a certain amount, so am quite strongly motivated to find someone awesome. This post and his are both public, so please do point people at them if you know anyone looking!


My current flatmate is moving out at the end of February, and I'd like to find a new flatmate to move into the second bedroom from 1st March. I'd prefer it to be a friend, or friend of friends, for obvious reasons.

The room is about 9' x 11' - it currently contains a double bed, a large wardrobe and a medium desk, with room to walk between them. There's also a built-in cupboard in one corner. It's painted a fairly inoffensive shade of orange, but if you want to redecorate it to suit yourself, I'm open to the possibility. I can probably arrange for it to be either furnished or unfurnished, whichever suits you best.

The bathroom is small but does have a bath with reasonable shower, and bonus funky black tiles. The kitchen is large, and contains a fridge-freezer, washing machine and dishwasher, all of which are new. Also a small microwave, a vegetable steamer, a George Thornby grill, and any other food-cooking gadget I tripped over lately (not that I can cook, but I keep thinking the gadgets will fix this). The hallway is quite large for a flat, so there's some spillover storage space there too.

The flat is ground floor, with no shared entrance hallway - the front door opens onto the car park. It's double-glazed, partially centrally-heated, and it belongs to me - which means if something breaks, the landlord has plenty of motive to fix it as soon as possible :) There's a separate garage, which is mostly full of my car, but has room to stash a push-bike and other odds and ends if you want. Residents parking permits are cheap, but parking spaces can be hard to find sometimes.

The building is here: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=N1+6LE - as you can see, it's a 5 minute walk from Old Street tube (or a 10 minute stroll, if you're lazy like me). Being in central London it's also well supplied with buses heading in all directions. It's a reasonably attractive building, with a good green space behind it and Shoreditch Park a short walk to the north.

I'm kink/poly/queer-friendly, and generally liberal/lefty/etc. There is a cat in residence. I don't smoke, and therefore the flat and the immediate surroundings are non-smoking areas. Most other vices are either well-tolerated or positively encouraged. :)

Rent is £600 a month, including all bills - that's gas, electric (both with Ecotricity, for bonus hippy points), council tax, water, phone line (including free national calls evenings and weekends), and 20Mb ADSL (from Be).
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Climate Camp:


Feminism links, via various people, but most of them from [personal profile] gavagai. Sorry if I've posted any of these before; between IRC, facebook, twitter and here it's sometimes hard to keep track what goes where.


Random stuff:

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In lieu of actual content, here's some of the interesting stuff I've been looking at lately:

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My lovely [livejournal.com profile] dennyd is looking for a flatmate from February onwards, after [livejournal.com profile] mr_magicfingers moves out:

'The flat is a two-bedroom on the ground floor of a vaguely nice six-storey block, very close to Old Street tube. The second bedroom is about 12' by 10', currently painted a relatively inoffensive orange but you're welcome to repaint it if you want. I own the flat, so there's no problem getting hold of the landlord if you want to shout at him for some reason :-) The rent is £500 including council tax.'

If you know anyone who might be interested in a centrally located, poly/kink/alternative-friendly room, please feel free to point them at Denny's entry. Ta :)

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Following my lovely boyfriend's recent promotion (to management! Mmmm. Power is h0tt) his company is hiring. This now being his problem, I thought I'd help out and propagate the job advert to the geeks on my friendslist:

"If anyone knows anyone who is looking for a Perl Developer role,working on a fairly large-scale website project and related odds and ends, then please put them in touch with me - denny at online galleriesdotcom. We're based in Hoxton Square, have slight flexitime (you can come in at half nine and leave at six, if you don't like mornings), and we're a very small company so it's friendly here. We are however working in the art and antiques industry, so we have adequate backing capital and are not about to go out of business under your nose :)Salary range is 30-35k, applicant's ability is expected to be in a suitably matching range. Usual skillset - perl, linux, apache, blah, blah. Experience of the Metadot CMS would be an advantage, but really isn't expected or needed - I'd never heard of it before I started, and it's pretty easy to pick up."

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[livejournal.com profile] alixandrea, the lovely person from whom we adopted Niamh, is currently trying to find homes for two more cats who have been made homeless in a nasty breakup. They sound adorable, and if Niamh wasn't so determinedly an only cat I'd be tempted to take one of them: if any UK people think they could find a home for one or both, take a look here and leave a comment.

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